Lanae Ayers, M.A., LMHC, EFT Coach

Counselor & Psychotherapist

Serving Individuals, Couples & Families

What people are saying about Lanae…

When I’m with Lanae I know that she is fully present….that I am her focus and have her complete attention….and I know that I am heard. — G.W.

Every time I talk with Lanae I’m impressed by two things: What an excellent listener she is, and how much less judgmental she is than practically anyone I know (including myself!).

She approaches situations with an open mind and no control/dominance issues. I’ve seen this bring people out of themselves time and again; they know they are safe with her. She maintains a light touch, using humor, knowledge and insight to get to the heart of a question and then on to potential solutions. I have always felt completely comfortable opening up to her, and value her advice. — C.H.

Lanae …makes me laugh and then she listens to my blathers and responds with something so quiet and profound that everything makes sense. — N.B.

I have entrusted Lanae with my innermost self – and never been disappointed. — M.C.

Lanae provides a calm environment that combines safety, encouragement and challenge. No matter what I bring to the conversation, I know I will leave with a deeper understanding of an issue, a plan of action (or the choice of inaction), and a sense of balance that I didn’t have going in. I have never felt judged with Lanae. She doesn’t tell me what to do, what to feel or what to think; instead, she has a sneaky ability to encourage me to decide what I should do. What I feel. What I think. Her wisdom, her compassion, her clarity make her unique above her peers. — C.O.